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Janelle Studio -- Machining and Metalworking and Weaving

This site was created with the intent to share information about our hobbies and crafts. We live in a fairly remote area, far from major cities, and over the years it was sometimes difficult to find information and how-to's. Consequently we would like to provide freely what we have learned, to help others wherever they live.

Our main metal webpage Machining and Metalworking at Home includes topics from Steve's extensive interests in metal machining and other metalworking using metal lathes, milling machines, and metal shapers. We also feature a number of subjects here like digital photography that will be useful to many other arts and crafts, as well as around the home.

Machining and Metalworking at Home (currently about 80 files)

Our weaving webpage Weaving and Spinning contains Janice's tips that will be useful to spinners and weavers.

Weaving and Spinning

Thought to Ponder: "Finding potential and making stuff out of other stuff using one's hands, tools and intellect is what keeps us human."

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