Machining and Metalworking at Home

Hi Folks. All good things must come to an end.

One of the Yahoo metalworking forums objected to my use of identifying material (names and email addresses) within messages copied from their group.

I had disguised the addresses here to confound web-bots (web robots that roam the internet) looking for email addresses to add to their spam lists. Yes humans could figure out an address, but that was the whole point, to allow humans to correspond on their problems and solutions.

This site was intended to benefit folks who were far from clubs and resources, to help them with their hobby. And make searches for material of interest much easier than wading through really nasty archives with tons of bloated redundancies and inaccurate discussion titles. And even to preserve a lot of correspondence that had died along with their groups.

Thousands of hours of work and about a thousand dollars in website fees later, this non-commercial metal information site is closing. Some 227,588 visits just to the main page occurred during this time. Thank you for dropping by.

And I wish you all the best with your hobby interests. Remember to have fun safely.

Best regards

Last updated April 23, 2016 .... original website was created on March 2, 2003 .... and relocated to this new permanent web address in early 2006 where it was updated monthly with new information.